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Welcome to QSB Construction, Inc., a site concrete company providing big business experience with the benefit of small business certifications.

Although a new name in the construction world, our workforce is comprised of individuals with an average of fifteen years in the construction industry.

Serving all of San Diego County, Riverside County, Orange County, and parts of Los Angeles County, QSB Construction is the one stop open-shop for your site concrete needs.

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        QSB Construction, Inc. may be a fresh name in the construction industry, but our dedicated team of seasoned professionals offers extensive experience in all aspects of site concrete project procurement and construction.

        With an average of fifteen years in the construction industry, each member of our team manages our jobs keeping in focus the most important facets to a construction project: quality, schedule, and budget.

        Understanding the needs of our clients, adhering to project timelines, and building within budget all coincide to ensure the success of each QSB Construction endeavor.

        A solid reputation is key to surviving any business environment and ours is founded on hard work, communication, and delivery of a superior product. Whether preliminary pricing and suggestions for a design/build project are needed or help is wanted to win a public competitive bid, QSB Construction is here for you.

        Accurate, project-specific pricing ensures that our project management team and construction crews have the information necessary to build within budget and timeframe. Forward thinking and proper project planning are also key elements utilized to contribute successfully to our clients’ projects.

        QSB Construction also handles all paperwork in-house, avoiding complications and delays that often arise when third parties are involved with project aspects such as payroll and safety procedures. When you contract with QSB Construction rest assured that you are in capable hands with a company that values quality, schedule, and budget.

        If the project design calls for concrete on the ground, we are your company. Curbs, sidewalk, and concrete paving are our specialty, but we also construct concrete retaining walls, concrete seatwalls, and various types of decorative concrete paving and topping slabs.

        We will work on non-prevailing and prevailing wage jobs as well as those with a PSA/PLA in place.

        QSB Construction is a certified Small Business Enterprise and holds many additional certifications including Minority Business Enterprise, Woman Business Enterprise, Small Disadvantaged Business Enterprise, and Veteran Owned Small Business. Working with QSB Construction not only fulfills specific government incentives for your project, but also ensures that California’s small businesses continue to thrive.

        Contact our office today to discover how you can benefit from our experience and qualifications.

        Alicia E. Lowery

        President and CEO

        Alicia E. Lowery is the president of QSB Construction Incorporated, a concrete construction company headquartered in Escondido, CA. QSB is a progressive business specializing in commercial site concrete construction including new developments, renovation projects, construction management, and design-build services.

         Alicia Lowery established QSB Construction in 2010 intent on providing the construction industry with quality work and exemplary client care.

         A hometown San Diegan, Alicia became a member of the armed services after high school where she honed her determination to succeed through hard work and perseverance. After returning to civilian life, Alicia entered the concrete construction arena as an integral part of a company office team. During this time Alicia noticed an opportunity to fill a niche in the industry as a woman-owned, minority-owned small business.

         With so many incentives to start her own company and fifteen years of construction experience in her back pocket, Alicia took the steps necessary to found QSB Construction, Inc. Assuring all representatives of the company upheld her quality work ethic created the momentum QSB needed to gain its foothold in the construction world.

         By prioritizing project quality, schedule, and budget, Alicia Lowery has ensured that QSB Construction, Inc. will continue to successfully fulfill the needs of its clients and be a force to reckon with for competitors.


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        350 W. 9th Ave Suite 101, Escondido, Ca 92025